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Broderick Miller has a B.A. in Film Studies from Claremont-McKenna College.  His film career began at age 19 when he sneaked backstage at a London Theatre to thank director Lindsay Anderson for making the movie O Lucky Man! This meeting changed Miller’s life – Anderson adopted him as his protégé and mentored him as a director. Broderick served as Anderson’s assistant on several film projects, including First Assistant Director on The Whales of August (1986) starring Lillian Gish and Bette Davis.  Broderick’s first spec script, Deadlock, was turned into an HBO movie starring Rutger Hauer and Mimi Rogers and remained HBO’s highest-rated original movie for over eight years.

In addition to his feature work, Miller has written network TV movies, direct-to-video features, prime-time TV pilots, and won an Emmy for writing the short subject drama, Grandfather’s Birthday.  Steven Spielberg optioned his script, The Escape Artist, for several years, and the project still attracts producers who buy expensive bottles of wine at dinners and say a version of  “We have (Chinese) money and we’re definitely going to make it happen this year….”  The wine is usually pretty good.  Broderick has proudly served as the SCTG President and Artistic Director since its founding 20 years ago.  Both of his daughters, Izzy and Maddie, grew up in the SCTG program and he is especially proud of his work with them.  He is grateful for the large extended family of friends and surrogate sons and daughters he has adopted (and who have adopted him) through the misadventures of this theatre company. 

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