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 was looking for a new home (around 2006) following its long association with the Hollywood-Los Feliz Jewish Community Center, the Hollywood Lutheran Church (HLC) welcomed us in the warmest possible way. Dan Hooper, the pastor at the time, has since retired from the church, but we will never forget how he supported us in many ways above and beyond being our landlord. Just as before, the current administration of the HLC cares about our kids and believes in our mission to explore the human condition and build community through theatre.

, the HLC is a historic East Hollywood church that is inclusive, affirming, and welcoming to all people regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, race or class. They are forward-thinking and fast-thinking about their ministry in the 21st century. With a strong record of community service, they offer numerous programs including a food pantry every Wednesday, a community garden, and a community refrigerator. They have also teamed-up with the SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition and the Ascencia Homeless Service in Glendale to facilitate solutions for local unhoused folk. In addition, the HLC hosts recovery meetings and counseling for various struggles and sponsors a prison penpal ministry. And with great pride, support and warmth, they provide a home for the Hollywood Master Chorale and the Silver Lake Children’s Theatre Group.

, the youngest pastor in its long and distinguished history. Pastor Ed is dedicated to serving marginalized groups and communities, while making the Hollywood Lutheran Church campus a resource for their care and counseling.

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