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Every season the SCTG offers a mentorship for students looking to develop writing skills through the experience of authoring a play. It’s not easy. The time commitment is considerable, the responsibility and self-discipline even more so. However, those who survive learn craft while discovering their creative voices. They are also rewarded with the thrill of authorship – seeing a creation of theirs performed on stage that is also a lasting piece of work that represents their artistry and dedication. Perks include impulsive road trips, unique dining adventures, endless supplies of flavored Pellegrinos, and the best SCTG gossip.

Our spring plays tend to be ambitious epics incorporating multiple sets, props, costumes and full musical numbers.  In the fall, we try to downscale the “vision” of the show to give our departments a breather.  The first and most obvious move is to come up with one set for all the one-acts, so the set designer and crews don’t have to worry about striking and re-setting for each change of play.

Linus Allen-Auerbach (middle), 10th grade, writer on I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

Simon Bock (far right), 11th grade, writer on I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

Ben Cole-Calderon (far left)11th grade, writer on I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

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